Series 200/300 Metalics


The REACH compliant Grafitack films with reference 1217, 1218, 1334, 1335 & 1336 are soft cadmium-free polymeric calendered PVC films, provided with a pressure-sensitive permanent acrylic adhesive. This adhesive is protected by a high-quality silicone paper.

Film : 75 micron thick polymeric calendered PVC film

Adhesive : permanent pressure-sensitive water-based acrylic adhesive, with a high resistance against UV- radiation, chemical products and humidity.

Backing paper : siliconised white clay-coated paper of 120 gr/m²

Application: The Grafitack 200/300 series was developed for all outdoor applications of up to 3 years when applied on a flat, unribbed background, such as sign making on cars, boats and trucks, for decorations of shop windows and advertisement boards. It is also perfect for everyday advertising indoors and outdoors.









Techical data



Antracite, Blue Gray, Gold Matt, Silver Matt, Slate Gray

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