Series Translucent films TL


The Grafitack Translucent series is a soft cadmium-free polymeric calendered translucent PVC film, provided with a pressure-sensitive permanent acrylic adhesive. This adhesive is protected by a high-quality silicone paper.

Film   : 80 micron thick polymeric calendered translucent PVC film

Adhesive :  permanent pressure-sensitive solvent-based acrylic adhesive, with a high resistance against UV-
radiation, chemical products and humidity.

Backing paper  : siliconised white kraft paper of 120 gr/m²

The Grafitack Translucent series was developed for illuminated advertising, and can be used for numerous applications, such as on light boxes and also on most flexible sign faces..

The high UV-resistance of the film guarantees nice longlasting illuminated advertising.

Sizes: 1.220 х 50 м

Technical Data Sheet