Ultra removable matt white film


Grafiprint Mx113UR is a monomeric calendered white matt PVC film with ultra-removable adhesive and AIR ESCAPE technology, specially for use on solvent printers (eco/mild/hard), latex printers and UV printers.

Film : 100μm monomeric calendered white matt PVC film.
Adhesive : Transparent ultra-removable pressure-sensitive dispersion based acrylic adhesive with a high resistance against UV-radiation, chemical products and humidity.
Backing paper : Structured white clay-coated paper of 140 g/m², giving the film an AIR ESCAPE effect.

Grafiprint Mx113UR is perfectly suited for all indoor applications and short-term outdoor applications (limited time) on non-corrugated surfaces.

Easy/quick removal.

Corresponding laminates:

Grafiprint Mx113UR is preferably laminated with one of the following Grafiprint laminates:
* Grafiprint M010P
* Grafiprint M011P

Technical data sheet of Mx113UR