White matt print media M116HT grey high tack


Grafiprint NM116HT is a soft, seamless, cadmiumfree, monomeric calendered, white matt PVC film, especially developed for wall decoration. The film is printable on solvent printers (eco/mild/hard), latex printers and UV printers. Grafiprint NM116HT comes with a grey HIGH TACK pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, which is protected by a high quality release liner.

 Film :100 μm thick monomeric calendered white matt PVC film

Adhesive : grey high tack pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive – suited for various surfaces

Backing paper : clay-coated paper of 120 g/m²

Grafiprint NM116HT PVC film is meant for indoor and short-term outdoor wall decoration directly on plastered or lacquered walls, on plaster boards, etc… However we cannot guarantee adhesion on every kind of surface. We strongly recommend customers to test the appropriateness of the material and to conduct their own tests before application.


Technical data of  M116HT