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Laminate super gloss 30 µ  Grafiprint LAMX30

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Grafiprint LAMX30 is a soft cadmium free high gloss (> 100 GU) polymeric cast PVC film, provided with a pressure-sensitive permanent acrylic glue. The glue is protected by a high-quality silicone paper. This seamless laminate has especially been created for protecting digital prints. 

Film  :  30 micron thick polymeric cast high gloss vinyl film with an excellent resistance against UV-     light, chemical products, humidity, dirt and fingerprints

Glue :  solvent-based pressure-sensitive permanent acrylic glue.  This glue does not have an     aggressive reaction on the printout

Backing paper :  ultra-smooth PE-coated paper of 190 gr/m² 

Thanks to its excellent UV-block, the Grafiprint LAMX30 laminate is perfect for long-term outdoor use under the most extreme conditions.  As such, it may add enormously to the UV-resistance of your printouts.  Preceding compatibility tests are, however, advisable. 

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