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Etched Glass Film - Decal polymeric film for dry application CC6000BF

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Price: 12.00 лв/кв.м


Substrate: Calendered, translucent, Matte PVC, made from polymeric resins. It presents excellent quality  of printing and stability to solvents. It also reveals ease of cutting, quickly and smoothly in most plotters on  the market.

Surface finishing: Frosted, Dusted, Blue, Green ,Yellow, Red, Gold

Adhesive: Semi-Permanent Acrylic “solvent free”, pressure sensitive

Liner: Double Side PE coated kraft paper

Durability: < 5 years (outdoor) / < 7 years (indoor)

Common uses: Suitable for cutting in plotter and / or printing, for decoration of glazed surfaces, glass and shop windows.

Recommended printing method: UV, solvent

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