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Promo serie P100 Glossy Colours  P100

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Price: 5,40 лв/кв.м


  • Film   :  70 micron thick monomeric calendered PVC film
  • Adhesive :  permanent pressure-sensitive water-based acrylic adhesive, with a high resistance against UV-    radiation, chemical products and humidity.
  • Backing paper  :  siliconised white kraft paper of 120 gr/m² 

Sizes: 1,22 m; 0.61 m

30 colors gloss

  •        Application: The Grafitack Promo series was developed for short term outdoor applications (2 to 3 years).  Perfect for commercial use on shop windows, for party decorations, seasonal offers, publicity panes, etc…  The Grafitack Promo series can also be used for all kinds of indoor applications, such as sign making in shops, at trade shows, in warehouses, etc… 
  • The Grafitack Promo series offers excellent flexibility and it can be peeled perfectly. 

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