Wallpapers Deconix


The DECONIX DIGITAL collection is compatible with latex, solvent, ecosolvent and UV curable ink printing techniques and provides limitless creativity for custom-made wallpaper products. This collection comes with non-woven or paper-based options and offers creative interior design ideas for hotels, restaurants, offices, homes, hospitals, and stores.


The DECONIX DIGITAL brand brings a fresh breath of air and dynamism to the wall paper industry with its internationally accredited products. We have a high production capacity with extensive experience in vinyl coated wall paper production.


URBAN 100        

FIBRO 100         

IKONA 100       

KARO 100           

LOTUS 100       

NOVA 100         


PALAS 100       

PETRA 100     

PULPA 100     

RUTA 100       


URBAN 100   



Types of wallpapers

FELINE 100, FIBRO 100, IKONA 100, KARO 100, LOTUS 100, NEKTAR 100, NOVA 100, NOVELLA 100, PALAS 100, PAVO 100, PETRA 100, PULPA 100, RUTA 100, TARPAN 100, URBAN 100, ZEBRA 100