Standard films gloss GSC


The glossy GrafiWrap wrapping films are soft cadmium-free multi-layered cast PVC films, provided with a pressure-sensitive permanent acrylic air escape adhesive. This adhesive is protected by a high-quality silicone paper.

 Film : 100 micron thick multi-layered glossy cast PVC film

Adhesive : permanent pressure-sensitive solvent-based acrylic air escape adhesive, with a high resistance against UV-radiation, chemical products and humidity (grey adhesive for GSCx01, GSCx20 and
GSCx30 – transparent adhesive for all other references).

Backing paper : siliconised white PE-coated paper of 145 gr/m²

Application: The glossy GrafiWrap wrapping films were developed for long term outdoor applications under the most extreme conditions. As the film is extremely soft and flexible, it can be used over corrugations or rivets with ease. GrafiWrap films are therefore suitable for sign making and wrapping on cars, boats, trucks and aeroplanes, but also for stripings in the auto-motive industry and for interior decoration.

Product advantages:

  •  Extremely flexible – suited for all difficult applications, such as car wrapping.
  •  Extremely decorative – suited for all creative designs.
  •  Air escape technology.

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