Series 200/300 Metallics Polyester films


The REACH compliant Grafitack films with reference 1225 and 1226 are two metalised polyester films, provided with a pressure-sensitive permanent acrylic adhesive.  This adhesive is protected by a high-quality silicone paper.

Film   :  50 micron thick metalised polyester film

Adhesive :  permanent pressure-sensitive solvent-based acrylic adhesive, with a high resistance against UV-    radiation, chemical products and humidity.

Backing paper  :  siliconised white clay-coated paper of 120 gr/m²

The Grafitack films with reference 1225 and 1226 enable you to create the most stunning gold and silver decorations for indoor use.

Magnificent metall gloss.

Sizes: 1.220 х 50 м









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