Serie 100 GEF (Grafityp Ecological Films) for flat surface

Description: Grafitack PVC-free GEF series (glossy & matt) is a soft Grafityp Ecology Film without any chlorine or plasticizers.

Film : 70µm glossy or matt GEF (Grafityp Ecology Film)

Adhesive : Transparent permanent pressure-sensitive dispersionbased acrylic adhesive with a high resistance against UVradiation, chemical products and humidity. (GEF01 with white adhesive).

Backing paper : White siliconized craft paper of 120 g/m²

Reference 1181 comes with a coloured silicone layer on the release liner, to make peeling easier

Application: Grafitack GEF series has been developed for outdoor applications (4 to 5 years) on an even surface (advertising campaigns, seasonal offers, construction work signs,…). It can also be used for all kinds of indoor applications (sign making in shops or at trade shows, in warehouses,…).

Product advantages:

Extremely flexible.
 Hardly any shrinkage.
 Free of chorine and plasticizers.
 No chlorine gas released when incinerated.
 Can be used bubble-free on most polycarbonates and polystyrenes.




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Technical data