Polymeric Etched Glass DPF 5450X X-Scape


Etched glass printable vinyl DPF 5450X offers excellent opportunities in decoration and design on a variety of glass surfaces and more, both indoors and outdoors. This film is the perfect solution for adding privacy without compromising natural light. The air channels of the Low-Profile X-Scape Technology® enable smooth repositionability of the graphics, counting quick and bubble-free installations. A dry application technique facilitates swift positioning and results in a cleaner outcome for directly completed installs, no follow up needed. Enjoy creating aesthetically pleasing surfaces with DPF 5450X.

Unique Features:
► Added privacy without compromising natural light
► Dry application technique results in a faster and cleaner process

► Low-Profile X-Scape Technology® allows repositionability of graphics with ease

► Windows
► Mirrors
► Partitions

► Glass

► Displays

Techical data sheet of DPF 5450X

Technical Bulletin of DPF 5450X