Fluo Racing


The GrafiWrap AMD (Automotive & Deco) Fluo Racing series, with references GMx411 (fluo racing yellow), GMx412 (fluo racing green) and GMx416 (fluo racing red), is a multi-layered cast glittering fluorescent PVC film. The film comes with a permanent adhesive.

 Film : 130-140µm multi-layered cast fluo PVC film with a glittering top layer

Adhesive : Transparent permanent pressure-sensitive solvent-based acrylic adhesive.

Backing paper :Structured double-sided PE-coated paper of 145 g/m², which gives the film an air escape effect.

Application: Thanks to its exceptional smoothness and good deformability the GrafiWrap cast Fluo Racing film is perfectly suited for wrapping (race) cars and trucks, and for stripings in the automotive industry. It can be used for indoor and short-term outdoor applications.

Product advantages:

  • Suited for all long-term and difficult applications, amongst which car wrapping.
  • Air escape technology.
  • Extremely suited to be used in the racing world.
  • Magnificent fluorescent colours.

Technical data of  Fluo Racing