Easy Cling PET film white


FreePost® Wall Lizard™ is a removable, bubble-free, environmental friendly high quality printingmedia with pad cling technology. It is ideal for short term and long term indoor and outdoor application, such as seasonal retail sales, trade show, office
poster, signage, etc. FreePost® Wall Lizard™ can be easily applied to most clean and smooth surfaces. It leaves absolutely no residue when removed, even after long application period.

Film : 115μm (0.0045″) white PET film
Adhesive : Non adhesive design with liner

Printing: Toner, Eco-solvent, UV Digital, Offset, Latex printing compatible
Application: Indoor & outdoor application

● Easy Cling pad design
● Non-static, non-traditional adhesive design
● Bubble-free, easy and quick to install.
● No residue on application surface.

● Removable, repositionable and reusable

● Can be applied to most smooth surface.

Advantage :
● Very easy and quick to install. Almost everyone can install this material by themselves easily. Skilled person is not required.
● Very easy and quick to remove. Skilled person is not required.

● No residual at all even in very long application period. No need to
clean surface after removing the material.

Technical data sheet of WL-PET115EW9