Cast white gloss grey adhesive


Grafiprint S38P is a soft, seamless, cadmiumfree, polymeric cast, white glossy PVC film, specially for use on solvent printers (eco/mild/hard), latex printers and UV printers. The film is provided with a permanent pressure-sensitive grey solvent-based acrylic adhesive. Thanks to this grey adhesive, the film is much less transparent. The adhesive is protected by a high quality silicone paper.

Фолио: 50 микрона каст каландрирано ПВЦ фолио бял гланц
Лепило: permanent pressure-sensitive grey solvent-based acrylic adhesive with a high resistance against
UV-radiation, chemical products and humidity
Подложка: Бяла крафт хартия 130 гр./кв.м.

Grafiprint S38P PVC film is perfectly suited for all long-term outdoor applications under the most extreme conditions, on corrugated surfaces and over rivets. Grafiprint S38P has been developed especially for applications with very deep indents.

Чисто и лесно отстраняване, ако е ламинирано с Grafiprint LAMX40 на 90° (долна ролка)

Технически качества при относителна влажност 50 ± 5 % при температура от 23 ± 2°

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